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Spring '99 Episodes
 Painting people's toenails
 Sockitumi Sosumi
 Mike hangs out at home
 The midwestern stirfry
 Exploring people's dreams
 Film Noir
 Mike Wars: The Next Adventure
 Sportsman Supreme

Fall '99 Episodes
 Shopping Around Campus
 Adventure de Poundo
 Mike Eats Cereal
 Mike gets a Makeover
 Mike Plays with his Friends
 Pimp Daddy Santa

Spring '00 Episodes
*NOTE: These are full MPEGs*
 Not Funny
 Rolling Across Campus
 Mike goes to Preschool
 Mike the Stylist
 Sockitumi: Director's Cut
 Run Mikey Run
 The First Day of Spring
 Final Adventure

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Hey there and welcome to the official website of... (trumpet fanfare) the ADVENTURES OF MIKE! Officially it's all over, and is it ever all over. What a mess. Yes, after three seasons the Adventures of Mike series has come to a close. (pause) OK, I'm over it.

Show Data:
The Adventures of Mike began as an idea Mike had to give the student-produced news/talk show Focus on U a little comic relief. It became a weekly short segment for the show.

Short comedy stints seem to be what Mike and I are comfortable with. It's highly doubtful we'll ever do Adventures of Mike commercially, but it wouldn't be much of a surprise to see us involved in some other crazy project later on. In the back of our minds, we still have about two hundred adventures to shoot, some other miscelaneous sketches, and some other artsy pieces we just never got around to. Someday, perhaps.
Tasty Informorsels:
On several occasions our show has been equated to the Tom Green show. Not to get defensive or anything, but I finally saw Tom Green last summer, and have gotta say, c'mon, we're not that bad, aren't we? ;-)

Many eposodes are done in an almost entirely spontaneous manner, but we do like to plan things sometimes. Shining examples include the Star Wars episode, Sportsman Supreme, and one of my new favorites, The First Day of Spring.

All too often friends have trouble working together, but Mike and myself have never had conflicting "creative differences" to speak of. We do get pissed at the equipment sometimes though. Damn camera X...

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