Adventure #15: Mike Plays with his Friends
This week on the Adventures of Mike, it's playtime. Mike invites some buddies to join him.

"I'm the king of the world!!"

Mike climbs around a bit. Then he climbs a little more.

Three big goofs on one little slide... The wonders of modern playground manufacturing.

Mike: "I'm hanging on the pipe!!"...

...Matt: "I am too!!"

Mike demonstrates the proper way to slide down poles when one is over four feet tall.

Matt's swingin' around, having a jolly old time.

Happy hugs for everyone!

Oh, what fun. Mike and friends discover a fire hydrant!

It's a rodeo!

Slides seem to favor smaller people...

"I like the horsey..."

Mike takes a breather at the bottom of a pole.

Matt takes a beating upon emerging from the slide.

Mike plays prison with the bike rack.

After a hard day's play, Mike and friends go home for some ... "juice".

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