Adventure #14: Mike gets a Makeover
This week on the Adventures of Mike, our adventurer gets his hair done... and then some.

"And look at all the fabulous products they have to offer!"

"Hair by Stewarts, this is Mike..."

Mike is given a really funky-looking cap for the hair-dying process.

Mike gets tufts of his hair drawn up through the mysterious plastic cap.

"I'll just sit here looking really hip and cool"

Mike rudely requests some studly entertainment, and the friendly folk at Stewarts ablige.

"Woah... she's kind of pissed off...!"

"So, that's not going to like, fry me if I'm in there for 30 seconds..?"

"I am not a crook..."

Mike gets strapped into a dryer.

There was a fair amount of waiting to be done, and it was done with a style and finesse that only Mike can exhibit.

Our bad-to-the-bone hairdresser shows off some mean bottle-slingin' skill.

A bit of color is smushed into Mike's Hair.

Mike bets a buzz and... a buzz, I guess.

Just for good measure, Mike gets his nails done too.

Showing off his new look, Mike brings this adventure to a close.

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