Adventure #13: Squirrels
Heeeere squir'ly squir'ly squir'ly...!

This Adventure of Mike fills the screen with cute little rodents. And squirrels too.

The squirrels did this to her, people. Mike is starting a campaign to jail the squirrels, although he doesn't know how he's going to catch them all.

Mike tells an amusing anecdote about a squirrel carrying a muffin...

Hey check it out, this squirrel can stand on two legs... It's like a big trick or something.

Oh, nibble nibble nibble... Oh this is a good one. ... Oh yeah.

What are you lookin' at?! I'm just looking for the chippy ladies!

"Yo check me out, I'm standing on a picnic bench!!"

Hey squirrel, lemme ask you a question...

"I'm not kiddin', there's a squirrel right there!!"

Maximum security squirrel prisons?

I am a squirrel; I will now dig for squirrel things. Thank you very much.

Maybe if I don't move, I won't have gas.

Please don't hit the... oh, he hit the squirrel...


This doesn't look good at all folks. So much for this squirrelly adventure.

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