Adventure #10: Mike Eats Cereal
This week on the Adventures of Mike, a complaint. Have you ever noticed how it's impossible to get the right amount of milk with your cereal...?

We'll pour in the cereal, and the moo juice, both in a seemingly natural portion...

"...and I guarantee that either I'll have too much milk, or too little! It's impossible to get the right amount!"

"I can't stand that... I'm eating the milk, and I'm drinking the cereal... Man I can't even concentrate!"

Poor Mike -- He's obviously going to have milk left over...

This is just going to go on forever until he runs out of cereal or there's no more milk...!

Mike gobbs on his new schwanky sweater. Yeah, he totally spooges.

"I'm gonna be full from eating all this cereal and milk... And is this a balanced diet? No! It's not!"

"AAAGHH! Will this cereal eating never end?!?!"

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