Adventure #9: Sportsman Supreme
This week on Adventures of Mike, our star challenges Focus On U's own sports reporter Phil to an all-out sports bash.

Tennis is the first contest, and Mike serves it up in his own way.

Mike's helmet served little protection from Phil's powerful slam...

Fair is fair. Mike may be a loser, but he's a good loser.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're playin' basketball... Mike dribbles down the court and bounces the ball too.

Showing off his finesse, Mike takes an impressive three-point shot, which would have been even more impressive had it gone more towards the basket.

Phil has a little fun playing keepaway.

Phil slams the ball in to show Mike what dunking is all about. Mike ... doesn't.

Enter the battle arena. Mike challenges Phil to some martial arts action.

Mike warms up and yells like some sort of psycho; Phil seems really frightened.

Mike finally begins his attack, and Phil goes on the defensive.

As it turns out, a good defense really is a good offense.

It's the picnic bench race folks... The first one from this bench to that one wins.

And they're off... Phil is really off, and, in his own way, Mike is pretty well off too.

"Must... make it... to... picnic... bench...!"

Now the game is chess, the heat is rising, and it looks as though the tables are turned.

Checkmate!! Mike lives it up during this, his only victory. I guess we all know who the bigger man is now.

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