Adventure #8: Mike-Bo
This week, Mike introduces us to his new health and fitness program: Mike-Bo.

The first exercise is the remote flex. And up... and press... and up... and press...

An unlikely host of celebrities share their thoughts on the Mike-Bo program.

Now the daily cough. Take a deep breath, then cleanse the soul...

The first thing you must understand about your diet under Mike-Bo is the concept that fat equals energy...

This rice cake... Zero grams of fat, and you know what that means... No energy! This butter bunt cake, with 350 grams of fat per cubic inch, is more like it.

It's imperative that one airs out one's tongue daily in Mike-Bo... And yes, that rotten odor is to motivate you.

To make a short story shorter, Mike teaches his class a few offensive moves and through a flurry of feet warns that CODs and charge cards are fine but please don't send cash.

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