Adventure #7: Mike Wars: The Next Adventure
Uh-oh, I smell a Sci-Fi rip-off royale coming on...

Local Jedi master Mike embarks his most epic adventure yet: to protect River Falls from an ongoing invasion of Martians, Klingons, and Imperial Forces. (Oh my!)

Mike dons his cape, grabs his blaster and sets out to eradicate the campus of evil.

"They're coming for me! They're coming in numbers! Quick! Run!!"

Intergalactic adventurer Mike makes sure things are safe.

Mike rolls into action and attacks a duo of Imperial Storm Troopers, who of course deny their true identity.

"I'm shooting you in the butt..."

Mike gets ambushed by a heavily armed soldier from an unknown planet.

Jedi Mike opens a can and ignites his light saber.

Mike has a duel with some Martian scum...

Mike senses the dark side and meets up with the evil Empreress.

A saber duel is in order when the good and the dark side collide. It's scenes like this I wish we lived in Europe where there's only 25 frames per second... ;-)

Well, the Emperess had to go pick up her kids from soccer practice, and the cameraman gets real tired and cranky when he edits until 4:30 the next morning, so it's time to bring this week's adventure to a close.

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