Adventure #5: Exploring people's dreams
Mike dreams up another adventure; his plan is to wander the River Falls campus and ask people about their weirdest dreams...

One gal had a dream wherein her sister married an elephant, but as it turns out he was both human and elephant. He wasn't very talkative though.

Some people seemed to be dreaming even while Mike talked to them...

In her dreams, and on our show, this young lady creates huge yellow dragons that fly everywhere.

"I didn't have sex with the fish, nothin' weird like that..."

Giddyap! Horses must have been on this guy's mind... I hope...

Purple aliens painting big blocks of wood. Naturally. What else would they be doing?

Her dreams predict the future, just ask her Chemistry prof.

This chick's dream held the secret to the cure for aids.

Psycho girl here tells the details of slashing people up in slow motion. "I'm really not a violent person!" ... Right.

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