Adventure #4: The midwestern stirfry
Donning a snazzy chef's hat, Mike is going to cook up some fun this week.

Chicken breasts...!

Yeah, this still looks pretty clean...

BAM! Never mind sprinkling, Mike adds salt and other such seasonings in a louder and more energetic way.

What's this, chef Mike having a little swig on the job?

Some pulpy orange juice adds a nice sweetness to the dish.

Some cocoa ought to go well; everybody likes chocolate, right?

Let's add some of that mudslide stuff that's been sitting in the fridge.

We need to add some vegies... And it's okay when the broccoli turns purple like that.

This midwestern stirfry need some ketchup.

There's been some applejuice fermenting for a while, might as well add that.

Now, these ingredients are about a month old ... but that's okay...

You've got to chop the apple, chop the apple, chop the apple...

See these spots? That's what you're looking for...

Now doesn't this look beautiful folks? If only you could smell this... (Cameraman's note: I almost passed out obtaining this shot; we should have opened some windows.)

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