Adventure #3: Mike hangs out at home
As an adventure this week, Mike invites Focus On U viewers to take it easy and hang out at his place.

Mike slips into something more comfortable and flips the tube on to the ol' food network, which he finds insanely funny.

Look out, it's coming at you... Mike hosts a battle royal with his toys. Highlights: Chewbacca gets eaten by a stork and Cartman receives a flying headbutt from Bart.

Mike gets spiffed up and entertains with a little help from a Frank Sinatra CD.

And now it's time to clean the toilet.

It's a Gonzo PEZ-CAM! It's a PEZ-CAM! Look out, it's a PEZ-CAM!

Mike ends the adventure, curling up with "Girlfriends" magazine.

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