Adventure #1: Painting people's toenails
Mike embarks on his maiden adventure, with hopes that someone will let him paint their toenails.

Rejections piled up and took on a life of their own. Fortunately Mike had a backup plan; if people wouldn't allow their toenails to be painted they should at least squoosh his squooshy.

Punishment for not being in one's room when Mike is on the prowl is having scary thoughts left on one's message board.

Is there an Elvis in the house? There certainly was, and he did a mighty fine impression of that Presley fellow.

One brave lady was willing to go as far as having her fingernails painted, but she had no comments, thoughts, or snide remarks about it.

Mike finally finds some toenails to paint, and the subject feels ... all right about it.

Mike stumbled across a pair of roommates rocking out, which was just too good to pass up. Hit me, baby, one more time...

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